Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Damn I forgot all about this "idea" of mine :( Guess I was involved else where like...

Murray Railway modellers

and anyway you can see   Here is the original blog

I need to look at blogging soon, as it appears a convenient way to update things

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hobsons Bay takes a back seat.

When we called for members of the Hobsons Bay Model Railway Club in the North East (Victoria)
We found ourselves faced with a bit of a problem. WE got over 30 interested members, but 90% were people with a very basic knowledge of the Hobby.
It became fairly obvious that Hobsons Bay was not a suitable place for entry level modellers. However once the hard work is done, and the layout is suitable for operation, I am sure that will change :D.
So we put together a committee, went out searching for club rooms and started to put together the Murray Railway Modellers. We are now settled in to nice club rooms on the platform of the old Wodonga Railway Station. Our front door is the glass door to the left.
Already we have an exhibition layout being constructed and every Tuesda ?Wednesdayy night we get together for some fun.
Hopefully Hobsons Bay will get going soon enough. WE have 8 experienced modellers willing to get it started.